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At Seashore Glass and Mirror we're well known for our exceptional craftsmanship, outstanding service and quality materials. All items are manufactured in our 3,000 square foot warehouse.

We at Seashore Glass and Mirror pay very special attention to detail when manufacturing and installing your finished product.

We have won best in local area AAA rated three years running.

why choose us?

why choose us?

Seashore Glass and Mirror provides an outstanding, exclusive lifetime warranty on all of our shower doors. We stand behind our product 100%, now, and for years to come. Our warranty provides our customers with the comfort of knowing their shower door will always be warranted and maintained. What we mean by this is that the shower door shall have a lifetime warranty for all parts and materials, so that if by chance, a hinge or any other hardware goes bad, is defective, or has a problem of any kind, Seashore Glass and Mirror will replace it free of charge for the life of the door.

Our second part of the warranty is a lifetime maintenance warranty. This means that if by chance your door needs an adjustment, such as a shift to the door to correct a slight leak, we make a service call to your home and address the issue. This warranty also includes the replacement of the polycarbonate sweeps if they should wear out, tear or discolor for any reason. We will provide new ones free of charge for the life of the door.

This warranty is the finest warranty we can provide for our customers because we believe that we provide the best materials and impeccable workmanship.

"I Joseph Pitzo, the owner of Seashore Glass and Mirror has more than 35 years of industry experience and will stand behind this warranty for the life of the shower door for all our outstanding customers".

Owner and Operator Joseph R. Pitzo

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